Whistlers World Studios is where our team of talented programmers, artists and game designers, all “Master Whistlers”, are working hard every day to bring Whistlers World to life. Whistlers World Studios is dedicated to creating positive social impact games on a global scale, designed to inspire and bring magic to children’s lives.

Our projects are designed so children and parents can play together in a fun, family friendly environment and gain appreciation of music, history, languages and cultures.

Over the last couple of years, we built and we built – and then we built some more! Whistlers World with all its amazing eco-system of musical characters is now here and we are starting to introduce it to the children of the world through interactive mobile apps and e-Books.

In our first mobile Apps we decided to introduce one of our smallest yet most important characters in Whistlers World – The music notes! Yes, these are cute little owl-like creatures called NicoNotes, and they are ready to play and bring joy to the children of the world!

Little Wing World

Little Wing World, LLC is an independent creator of interactive and inspirational entertainment for children and families designed to open young minds to the diversity of languages, cultures and music in the world through highly engaging experiences. Little Wing World holds two patents on translating words into music and this patented technology is incorporated into some of the interactive games being created.