Connecting children throughout the world with music, imagination, discovery and adventure


Our dream is millions of children communicating and learning across cultures and languages, gaining tolerance, compassion and respect for each other and becoming greater global citizens that lead the way to a more peaceful world.”
~ Nicolle Ruetz, Founder and CEO, Little Wing World

The Whistlers World Story


It all began with a beat, a Whistle and a Dream! Imagine a magical place where all living things are connected and can communicate through a language of music.

This is the heart of Whistlers World – Connecting children around the world with a language of music so they can play and make music together, discovering in the process how similar we all are in our love of family, friends, music and play!


So, Whistling is just the beginning!


To bring the magic of Whistlers World to the children of the world Nicolle Ruetz, founder of Little Wing World, developed the Whistlers World musical language and Whistlers World on-line virtual world version 1.0, a magical place where children can connect and communicate by making music together using her patented Words to Music translation system.

She visited schools around the world to demonstrate Whistlers World online and found that children as well as teachers and parents loved it and were excited to use this innovative game based cross-language communication system in their schools.

It was a wonderful experience that connected children across many countries and languages and their love, excitement and support strengthened her dream.

Nicolle knew it was time to build Whistlers World so that one day children all over the world can explore this magical world and play together, meeting its wonderful characters and creating music together as they make new friends across town and around the world!


Little kids by the Amazon in South America


Connecting with family in Myanmar


Introducing Whistlers World to the classroom!


Uganda School Classroom


Friends of Library of Alexandria, Egypt


Inspiring School Kids in Isreal


Visiting a Monk School in Myanmar


Iguazu Falls


Wadi Rum Desert


Whistling with Kids in Jordan


Connecting with kids in Canada


Connecting with Kids in Jordan


Teaching to and Learning from Children


Whistling with Kids in Myanmar


Connecting with kids in Egypt


Visiting schools in Egypt


Connecting kids in Peru